Hong Kong
China Watching - by Attanasio Ghezzi

Messages from Hong Kong

The ever tighter control by Beijing over the former British colony is causing growing concern among not only activists, but also the economic-financial elite

Opinions & Interviews

Cryptocurrencies: The Role of the Bank of Italy and the Consob

The two institutions must deal with the question - and they must do so in concert

Article 3 - by Basaglia, Cuomo, Simonella

More Women on Boards of Directors: Why Has Nothing Changed for the Others?

It's time to take stock of the results of the Golfo-Mosca law (Law 120/2011), that introduced gender quotas in the Boards of Directors of listed and publicly-controlled companies, ...

EU beni pubblici
Economy and Markets - by Masciandaro, Ottaviano

Public Goods Need Europe

In numerous fields the logic of international externalities requires supranational institutions

museo egizio
Cult - a cura di Dubini

Cultural Institutions as Enterprises

We must go beyond the sponsor-hunting season and see culture as a catalyst for business and local development

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HIT Radar

HIT Radar: Application Focus - Finance

The HIT Radar Application Focus devoted to the applications of the emerging technologies in the Finance area

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