How to Exploit Data in the Post-Digital Era?

A proposal to talk less about data, and start using it

Economy and Markets - by Masciandaro, Ottaviano

The Report Cards for Draghi and the Euro

After eight years, Mario Draghi is leaving the presidency of the European Central Bank. It is possible to grade his actions? And more in general, can we associate Italy's ...

China Watching - di Attanasio Ghezzi

China: A 70-year-long March

According to President Xi, the country is entering a new era, in which revolutionary values and culture will be reaffirmed - without the need for human rights

Economy and Markets - by Masciandaro, Ottaviano

The Tariff War

The most lasting damage caused to the global economy by the trade war is not necessarily the rise in tariffs, but the uncertainty created regarding the “rules of the game” ...

Opinions & Interviews

Watch Out for Libra

The new currency promoted by Facebook shows considerable potential from a technical point of view and as an element of innovation in the world of payment systems – but ...

Opinions & Interviews

The CFO: A Technical Figure, or not?

The role of head of the AFC function can only be learned from multiple professionally important experiences, which can also create a certain reputation on the market

Libri in streaming