Banche 3
Opinions & Interview - by Gimede Gigante, Rodolfo Pambianco

Italian Banks Face the Text of COVID-19

While it is still premature to describe the effects the coronavirus will have on the banking system, it is possible to determine what the condition of Italian banks is today ...

Smart 2
Article e - by Cuomo, Basaglia, Simonella

Work at Home or Work in the Office? Both, Thanks

We have repeatedly expressed our opinion on the issue of smart working during the period of quarantine.[1] We return to the issue because in recent days the public debate ...

Real estate_big data
Finance & Real Estate - by Beltratti, Bezzecchi

The Importance of Big Data for Real Estate

Having a reliable statistical basis is indispensable for operators in the real estate sector. Possessing more precise information can help understand the areas of particular ...

E&M - 2020/2


Changing Jobs, between Expectations and Reality

In this podcast Isabella Pinucci e Renata Trinca Colonel (SDA Bocconi School of Management) give practical career advice and detailed analysis of how to navigate the labor ...


How to sell more and better with digital resources

In this podcast Paolo Guenzi (Bocconi University) talks about digital commercial transformation and the good practices for its implementation in ...


Negotiating Styles: the Impact of Culture

In this podcast, Leonardo Caporarello (Professor of Negotiation Practice - SDA Bocconi) discusses the theme of intercultural negotiation.

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