China Watching - by Attanasio Ghezzi

The Great Race for a Vaccine that China Wants to Win

To limit the damage to its image suffered in recent months, and to present itself as a scientific leader in the new post-pandemic global order, Beijing aims to be the first ...

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Article 3 - by Cuomo, Simonella, Basaglia

Gender Balance in the Time of the Pandemic

The debate on the asymmetric effects of the Covid-19 pandemic is becoming increasingly fervent and concrete. The statistics finding that the victims of the virus are principally ...

Finance & Real Estate - by Beltratti, Bezzecchi

Economic Policy, Finance, and Real Estate

The factors that will allow the countries and businesses hit by the pandemic to go forward are the development of infrastructure, especially in the digital field, and greater ...

E&M - 2020/3


The "Constant Adjustment" by Italian Businesses

In this podcast Fabrizio Perretti, the Editor of Economia & Management and Professor of Business Strategy at the Bocconi, speaks of the difficult situation Italian businesses ...


The Numbers of Hotel Sector in Italy

In this podcast Giacomo Morri (SDA Bocconi School of Management) and Fabrizio Trimarchi (Hotel Seeker) describe the evolution and new dynamics of the Italian hotel sector.


Changing Jobs, between Expectations and Reality

In this podcast Isabella Pinucci e Renata Trinca Colonel (SDA Bocconi School of Management) give practical career advice and detailed analysis of how to navigate the labor ...

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