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Culture as a Business Tool

Through an integrated approach to social responsibility, companies have the possibility not only to contribute to improving society, but also to receiving significant benefits ...

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How Business Culture Changes with Technology

The digitization of many sectors, the use of artificial intelligence, robotization, and the frequent birth of startups are phenomena that have now become normal, and naturally ...

Economy and Markets - by Masciandaro, Ottaviano

Brexit 2.0: The Chickens Come Home to Roost

With Boris Johnson’s clear victory in the recent British elections, has clarity finally been reached on the will of the people, on who’s in charge in a democracy, and ...

China Watching - by Attanasio Ghezzi

Digital Surveillance

According to state media, in 2017 the Chinese government had already installed 200 million video cameras around the country equipped with facial recognition systems

Article 3 - by Basaglia, Cuomo, Simonella

Ideas First, Regardless of Gender

On December 11 of this year, Marta Cartabia was elected president of the Italian Constitutional Court. During the press conference held after her election, she expressly ...

Opinions & Interviews

The European Banking Union: a Proposal for Discussion

The German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz published an article in the Financial Times in which he summarized his thinking regarding the European Banking Union (EBU). The article ...

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