Opinions & Interview - by Fabrizio Perretti

Great Evils and Great Errors

When Becomes Important not only to Solve the Former, but also Recognize the Latter

Article 3 - by Basaglia, Cuomo, Simonella

Is a New Division of Work Possible?

In this period of emergency, family (im)balance is being put to the test by people being forced to be constantly together in the home. The question is: when mutual help between ...

Creazione di valore
Finance & Real Estate - by Beltratti, Bezzecchi

Value Creation in Asset/Wealth Management

The change in business goals can have a true impact on the economy


How to sell more and better with digital resources

In this podcast Paolo Guenzi (Bocconi University) talks about digital commercial transformation and the good practices for its implementation in ...


Negotiating Styles: the Impact of Culture

In this podcast, Leonardo Caporarello (Professor of Negotiation Practice - SDA Bocconi) discusses the theme of intercultural negotiation.


Non-Financial Reporting, Much More than an Obligation

In this podcast, Francesco Perrini (Sustainability Lab SDA Bocconi) discusses the theme of non-financial reporting. An English transcript is available here.

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