Luca Gatto

The Export Manager: A Strategic Profession for Growth

UNI standard 11823:2021 defines and regulates the duties of the Export Manager (EM). This is a crucial professional figure for companies that wish to internationalize and strengthen their presence in foreign markets. Operating within the sales function, the EM is a figure that combines hard and soft skills, from digital to language, to communication and cultural mediation. The EM must first of all conduct two types of assessments: first of all, they must verify that the company’s business model is consistent with the internationalization project; second, once the target markets have been chosen, they must assess the competitive context in which the company will operate. Upon having drawn up a strategy for entering the market, the EM must then redesign the business model to adapt it to that strategic plan, also defining the commercial and communications aspects. The EM is then responsible for evaluating and managing the risks linked to exports and internationalization in the relevant market. The sum of all of these activities is represented by the Export Business Plan, that is periodically updated and monitored not only by the EM, but also by other corporate functions. Once approved, it must be implemented operationally, usually in the activities of a foreign office. At this point, the preparation operations can be considered completed, and the sales activities in the foreign markets can begin and follow the regular pre-sales, sales, shipping, and after-sales phases.


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