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2024-04-16 Nic Beech, Paul Hibbert and Katy Mason

A Learning Orientation to Improve Impact Across Sectors

‘If you want truly to understand something, try to change it.’ Kurt Lewin   Over the past two decades, there has been a significant global focus on improving the impact of research on practice. Governments, research funders, academics, practitioners, and businesses all perceive value in enabling a stronger connection between research and practice to improve practical outcomes (Haley, 2021). For this to work effectively, there is a need to understand not only the roles that academics and practitioners play, but also how we can adapt to create new practices and processes. While more traditional ...

Highlights_iStock_Tanatpon Chaweewat
2024-04-16 Stefano Caselli

Capital Markets A Key Asset for Growth

The coming months will be crucial for thinking about how to shape the European Single Market and how to make the European Union competitive with other economies. The values at stake, compared to the size of the United States on the one hand and China on the other, would be enough to justify the reasons for accelerating the path of political integration. This would enable the economic systems of the individual European countries and their companies to play a role on the international stage. But the optimism of reason must be supported by progressive steps, and the construction of the single financial ...