NextGen Management

2024-05-10 Andrea Ciacci

The Strategic Value of Big Data Transition

Overwhelmed by massive data flows and compelled by the need to intercept the real customer needs in a competitive, swiftly changing world, firms must take rapid action to address economic needs by restructuring how they think and operate. Since big data is changing the intrinsic nature of strategy, firms need to shape their functions and processes to facilitate the big data transition, implementing data-driven business models and capitalizing on big data value. While big data provides significant opportunities to enhance a firm's potential in terms of competitiveness and innovativeness, it also ...

2024-04-16 Generoso Branca

Beyond physical reality. Packaging and product in the age of VR

Interest in Virtual Reality (VR) technologies is growing in various sectors, attracting the attention of academia and society. In VR, users can interact in real-time with digital objects, in a completely virtual environment, living an immersive experience characterized by presence and interactivity. Individuals are isolated from the outside world, in a synthetic environment that may or may not simulate the real world. VR can help accelerate digitization in many areas of human life. It commonly finds application in areas such as entertainment, tourism, education, or healthcare. In addition, it ...