Caporarello Leonardo, Magni Massimo

Team Management

Collaboration and teamwork are the keystones of organizational life. Managing a team requires specific competencies, the outcomes of a process of informed learning based on critical analysis not only of organizational successes, but failures as well. This book provides the tools, the methodology, and the guiding principles to support the people who work in teams as members and as leaders. The main issues inherent to team management are addressed by following a problem-based approach, with the aim of facilitating the achievement of team objectives. The authors encourage readers to reflect on the daily challenges of working on a team, and show how to lay the foundations for building a synergetic team: correctly structuring the team, assigning responsibilities, resolving conflicts, and managing decisions and meetings to optimize negotiation processes. The book also explores the advantages and obstacles to running geographically dispersed teams. Completing each chapter is an interview with an expert who offers answers to the myriad questions that team leaders have to ask themselves to be able to manage their teams with intelligence and common sense.

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