Baglieri Enzo

Manager of the Future

A good manager must have a broad range of technical and managerial skills, as well as strategic vision and an awareness of the financial, environmental and social sustainability of his or her decisions. Becoming a manager therefore requires aptitude, method and considerable preparation. Management education plays a crucial role in the development of this professionalism, a role that is still too often undervalued. Imagining a company as a large and complex orchestra, managers first need to understand their own professional expectations and attitudes in order to navigate the path of growth between a general managerial orientation, as a "conductor" of the different sections, and a specialized orientation, as an expert in a discipline and able to integrate into a complex context. This collection of contributions provides a compass to better understand the differences and similarities of various paths of higher management education and illustrates the skills that are essential to prepare for the challenges of this profession in an increasingly less predictable future.

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