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Trusted Sustainability

by Sandro Castaldo

To create value in the pursuit of sustainability, it is imperative that companies demonstrate a clear alignment between their stated values and the actions they take to implement ...

NextGen Management

The impact of Covid-19 on the transformation of crisis communication

by Ginevra Testa

Faced with the multiplication of crises of various kinds that are increasingly diligent in today's competitive environment with extraordinary dimensions, the role of crisis ...

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Economy and Markets

Artificial Intelligence, Stock Markets, and “Newton's Lesson”

by Donato Masciandaro

In recent months, even as stock markets slow down, stocks related to artificial intelligence continue to surge ahead. This is nothing new: innovation in the real economy ...


Green Houses: the Economic and Environmental Impact of Sustainable Living

by Andrea Beltratti, Alessia Bezzecchi

Green houses represent a crucial investment opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency in the construction sector. However, the transition to sustainable ...

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Protecting the Ocean for a Sustainable Planet

by Stefano Pogutz, Francesco Perrini, Jan Hans Georg Pachner, Rafael Sardà, Federico Fumagalli

The year 2023 will be remembered not only as one of the most critical years for the climate crisis but also as the year when United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres ...

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Management Tips

Women in Innovation: Overcoming the Gender Gap for a Bright Future

by Laura Gatti

From the life sciences world to startups, women are gaining ground in scientific and entrepreneurial sectors. However, on the path toward true gender equality, significant ...


From Savings to Development: The New Frontier of Growth

by Stefano Caselli

With 5.3 trillion euros in financial assets, Italy has the potential to transform its economic future. Overcoming the debt narrative and leveraging these resources for true ...


The five challenges of management

by Sandro Castaldo

In today's business environment, five key management challenges emerge: understanding changing market needs and demands, but also supply chains, and major geopolitical shifts; ...


Not just a game

by Dino Ruta

'Sport' is a global term by definition, it needs no translation: play, performance and competition have been inseparable elements of society since the first Olympics. Over ...

Leading Management