Economy and Markets - by Masciandaro, Ottaviano

The "Militarization" of Finance between Economics and Politics

The application of economic and financial sanctions has gone from 52 cases in the 1950s to 257 in the first decade of the third millennium. The financial embargo against ...

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China Watching - by Attanasio Ghezzi

US and China: signs of dialogue. Yet the Deep Chill Remains

One year after their last meeting, Xi Jinping and Joe Biden came face to face again in San Francisco. The meeting aimed to restore high-level military communications and ...

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Article 3 - by Basaglia, Cuomo, Simonella

Psychiatric Disability: This Unknown

Despite the growing attention of businesses to the theme of inclusion in the world of work, the stigma towards people living with various forms of psychiatric disabilities ...

E&M - 2023/3


Green transition. Measuring the impact on balance sheets

Michele Calcaterra, Senior Lecturer of Enterpreneurial Finance in Sda Bocconi School of Management and Director of the REPAiR Lab, presents the results of the research project ...


Inflation and poverty: the great challenge

In this videopodcast, Tito Boeri - professor and head of the economics department at Bocconi University in Milan - analyzes the impact of inflation in Italy and reflects ...


Taxation to support growth

In this videopodcast Stefano Caselli, Dean of SDA Bocconi School of Management, explains how taxation can support business growth.

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