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Article 3 - Basaglia, Cuomo, Simonella

Smart Working, Remote Working, and South Working: Let’s Sort Things Out

We are in a historical moment in which some people can choose where to live and work. Smart working, that should not be confused with the extensive forced remote working ...

Preview - E&M 2-2021

2021: An Artificial Intelligence Odyssey

Sensors, algorithms, and the capacity to store and analyze data: these are the three characteristics of the reality in which we are immersed. In this context, dominated by ...

China Watching - by Cecilia Attanasio Ghezzi

The China of the Future

During the last People's Congress, three thousand members of the Chinese Communist Party approved the 14th Five-Year Plan, the direction that the second largest economy in ...

E&M - 2021/2


Training in Companies is Increasingly Attractive

In this podcast Beatrice Manzoni, Associate Professor of Practice in the Leadership, Organization & Human Resources Knowledge Group at the SDA Bocconi School, talks about ...


Operations and Supply Chains Tested by the Pandemic

In this podcast Aristea Saputo and Francesco Gallmann (Sda Bocconi School of Management) talk about the future of operations and supply chain management.


Joys and Sorrows of Smart Working

In this podcast, Zenia Simonella of the Diversity, Inclusion & Smart Working Observatory of the SDA Bocconi School of Management presents the interim results of an investigation ...

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