Interventi & Interviste - di Roberto Ruozi

Interesting Developments in the Relationship between Banks and SMEs

An analysis of what is happening in our country in recent years indicates that the relationship between SMEs and banks is changing. Banks seem to better understand the importance ...

Article 3 - by Basaglia, Cuomo, Simonella

Violence Against Women Is Not Only Physical

Economic violence against women occurs through a series of behaviors that deprive the victim of her independence: financial isolation, control and absence of income sharing, ...

China Watching - by Cecilia Attanasio Ghezzi

The New Chinese Web Celebrities, between Growth of the Digital Economy and a Government Squeeze

In 2019, the live streaming advertising market in China reached a value of 67 billion dollars, allowing dozens of Chinese influencers to make a fortune. With his 45 million ...

E&M - 2021/4


The Challenges and Methods of Remote Sales

In This podcast Paola Caiozzo, founder and coordinator of the Commercial Excellence Lab and Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Organization and Human Resources at the SDA Bocconi, ...


The Value of Sustainability in Real Estate

In This podcast Andrea Beltratti, Full Professor at the Department of Finance of the Bocconi University, and Alessia Bezzecchi, Associate Professor of Practice Corporate ...


Training in Companies is Increasingly Attractive

In this podcast, Beatrice Manzoni, Associate Professor of Practice in the Leadership, Organization & Human Resources Knowledge Group at the SDA Bocconi School, talks about ...

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