Un momento del Festival del Management 2024
Opinions & Interviews - by Roberto Vona

Festival of Management: an Impact that Continues

by Roberto Vona

From artificial intelligence to women's leadership, from geopolitical and environmental challenges to new trends in education, the second edition of the Sima Management Festival, ...

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Opinions & Interviews - by Roberto Vona

Inspiration and Innovation at the Festival of Management

by Roberto Vona

The second edition of the event organised by SIMA is approaching. The spotlight will be on the role of Artificial Intelligence in companies and on female leadership. Without ...

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Preview - E&M 4-2023

The Nature of Change

by Fabrizio Perretti

In times of great change, every social actor can decide whether to act and participate in it - for or against - or whether to simply be a spectator waiting to understand ...

E&M - 2023/4

E&M - 2023/4

Not just a game

by Dino Ruta

'Sport' is a global term by definition, it needs no translation: play, performance and competition have been inseparable elements of society since the first Olympics. Over ...


Green transition. Measuring the impact on balance sheets

by Michele Calcaterra

Michele Calcaterra, Senior Lecturer of Enterpreneurial Finance in Sda Bocconi School of Management and Director of the REPAiR Lab, presents the results of the research project ...


Inflation and poverty: the great challenge

by Tito Boeri

In this videopodcast, Tito Boeri - professor and head of the economics department at Bocconi University in Milan - analyzes the impact of inflation in Italy and reflects ...

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