China Watching - by Cecilia Attanasio Ghezzi

China Surrenders to Covid

“This year’s biggest economic event is already under way,” reads this year’s first issue of the British weekly The Economist. “It’s the reopening of China.” ...

Economy and Markets - by Masciandaro, Ottaviano

Reglobalization: From the Supremacy of Economics to that of Politics?

We are seeing a growing effort, especially by state actors, to formulate alternatives to the integrated global economy that developed starting from the Second World War. ...

Finance & Real Estate - by Beltratti, Bezzecchi

The PNRR and Finance for Sustainability

Finance can be the key for sustainability, and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan the ideal instrument to implement courageous and original ideas. Private and public ...

E&M - 2022/04


The Challenges and Methods of Remote Sales

In This podcast Paola Caiozzo, founder and coordinator of the Commercial Excellence Lab and Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Organization and Human Resources at the SDA Bocconi, ...


The Value of Sustainability in Real Estate

In This podcast Andrea Beltratti, Full Professor at the Department of Finance of the Bocconi University, and Alessia Bezzecchi, Associate Professor of Practice Corporate ...


Training in Companies is Increasingly Attractive

In this podcast, Beatrice Manzoni, Associate Professor of Practice in the Leadership, Organization & Human Resources Knowledge Group at the SDA Bocconi School, talks about ...

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