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Cambiamento organizzativo
2021-04-07 Stefano Basaglia, Simona Cuomo, Zenia Simonella

Smart Working, Remote Working, and South Working: Let’s Sort Things Out

We are in a historical moment in which some people can choose where to live and work. Smart working, that should not be confused with the extensive forced remote working used during the pandemic, is in fact based on the possibility for the worker to choose where and when to work, in the absence of rigid forms of control. This solution, in the absence of spatial constraints, could co-exist with “south working” and the decision by many workers to move from cities to areas of Italy considered to be the periphery (towns in the mountains, the countryside, small villages, etc.), modifying the geography ...

2021-03-08 Stefano Basaglia

Against Discrimination, In Favor of Differences

From the recent campaign by Coop supermarkets to promote gender equality and combat disparities, to the polemics on gender in the language of professions triggered by Beatrice Venezi on the stage during the Sanremo Music Festival: what is missing is attention to not neutralizing differences in the name of equality. On the occasion of International Women's Day, we want to discuss two cases: the campaign by the Coop supermarket chain on gender equality, and the issue of gender nouns in professions raised by Beatrice Venezi during the 71st Sanremo Music Festival. Let's start with Coop, one of the ...

2021-02-08 Simona Cuomo

Redefining the Organization of Work Post-Covid: the Experience of illimity

Marco Russomando tells us how illimity, the bank of which he is the HR director, has managed the sense of isolation, uncertainty, and the management problems regarding employees during the months of the pandemic: from the strengthening of internal communication, to the creation of courses to strengthen relational skills, to the organization of an awareness campaign to reduce the stress generated by hyperconnectedness and the loss of sociality, there are many activities that have provided an enhanced sense of community and belonging. Starting with this experience, in July 2020 a new work model ...

2021-01-18 Zenia Simonella

Being Welcomed InJail: Stories of Inclusion

Silvia Polleri, entrepreneur and founder of the Catering ABC - La Sapienza in Tavola cooperative and the InGalera restaurant, speaks of her experience in the Bollate jail and the importance of education and training for reintegration of prisoners into society.   Let us start with your history. You are an entrepreneur, with a background in early childhood education. How did you come to work in and for the Bollate jail? For over two decades, I worked as an educator in a nursery school in the hinterland of Milan, an area with large pockets of decay. In that period, together with my husband who is ...

Parità genere-Parigi
2020-12-21 Stefano Basaglia

Equality It Shall Be, but on All Fronts

A sensation has been caused by the fine imposed on the City of Paris for not having respected gender parity in 2018 in the appointment of top civil service positions (directors and deputy directors): the city appointed 11 women (69 percent) and 5 men (31 percent). These appointments violate a regulation of the French Civil Service Ministry from 2013, based on which the same gender cannot exceed 60 percent of personnel. The regulation was then amended starting in 2019: organizations can exceed that limit, but only if it doesn’t cause an overall imbalance between genders. As regards top positions, ...

2020-11-19 Simona Cuomo

“We the people”: An Inclusive Leadership Perspective

The speeches of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have given us an image of a nation attentive to diversity, and thus working to create the conditions that allow all people to live and work expressing themselves and their abilities to the fullest. In this year that is so difficult for everyone, the recent presidential election in the United States could represent a glimmer of light and hope. The union between President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, apart from their political affiliation, represents a symbol of inclusion and sharing. First of all, the iconic ...

2020-10-12 Zenia Simonella

Waiting for ESG(D)

The pressure from institutional investors on Boards of Directors in regard to ESG themes (Environmental, Social, Governance) is growing. The construction of sustainable business models increasingly shapes the choices of investors, to the point that they may decide not to invest in companies that dedicate little attention to the subject. Thus, the construction of sustainability reports and the reporting of non-financial information are not aspects of mere compliance, but become tools for company policy. In the pages of some international newspapers, it has been argued that the acronym ESG should ...

Equilibrio genere
2020-09-14 Simona Cuomo

Gender Balance in the Time of the Pandemic

The debate on the asymmetric effects of the Covid-19 pandemic is becoming increasingly fervent and concrete. The statistics finding that the victims of the virus are principally older men with pre-existing conditions has fed the conviction that women are less affected, which isn’t entirely true. In reality, the data must always be interpreted in light of specific situations, otherwise the interpretation can be misleading. The fact is that Covid-19 has not only affected women harshly, directly influencing their health, but has also had many indirect consequences. According to the latest UN Women ...

2020-07-20 Zenia Simonella

25 Years After the Beijing Conference: Taking Stock

We will soon be celebrating 25 years since the Beijing Conference (September 4-5, 1995), the fourth global conference[1] convened by the United Nations on the issue of gender equality. On that occasion, the concept of gender became central for the first time, the principles of empowerment and mainstreaming were adopted, and a platform was defined with strategic goals in 12 areas considered critical.[2]  The UN recently published the report Gender Equality. Women’s Rights in Review 25 Years After Beijing,[3] where it laid out the steps taken and those still to be taken, especially in terms of ...

Mese lgbt
2020-06-26 Stefano Basaglia

What this Month of LGBT Pride Leaves Us with

June is Pride Month for the global LGBT community. This year, due to the Covid-19 emergency, pride marches were replaced by online events around the world. These events represent the occasion to take stock of the state of LGBT citizens and workers' rights, and from the standpoint of the management of diversity in organizations, to understand how businesses and public agencies have acted on this front. We already presented a general evaluation here in E&MPlus on the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia (held every year on May 17)[1]. For Pride Month, it seems interesting to examine ...