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Economia & Management, the magazine of SDA Bocconi School of Management, was founded in 1988 by Claudio Demattè, as an innovative channel for the dissemination of knowledge and the most advanced practices. Constant innovation is the distinctive trait that has accompanied E&M in these decades: today the Italian magazine of economic-managerial culture is a "system", thanks to the integration of E&M and E&Mplus, a digital space where you can not only browse the magazine and related multimedia content, but enjoy original information services and in-depth analysis. In addition to the historical archive, there are periodical columns, podcasts and the possibility of streaming access to the Leading Management series. Knowledge, practices and experiences: a mix to actively contribute to professional updating and public debate.


Editorial Director

Fabrizio Perretti

Editorial Committee

Franco Amatori · Bruno Busacca · Antonella Carù · Guido Corbetta · Maurizio Dallocchio · Francesco Daveri · Giovanni Fattore · Alberto Grando · Severino Salvemini · Andrea Sironi · Giuseppe Soda · Gianmario Verona · Salvatore Vicari

Expanded Editorial Committee

Barbara Alemanni (University of Genova) · Fabio Ancarani (University of Bologna) · Massimo Bergami (University of Bologna) · Giuseppe Bertoli (University of Brescia) · Cristina Boari (University of Bologna) · Domenico Bodega (Catholic University of Milan) Luigi Cantone (University of Naples “Federico II”) · Gino Cattani (NYU) · Anna Comacchio (“Ca’ Foscari” University Venice) Michele Costabile (LUISS) · Guido Cristini (University of Parma) · Giambattista Dagnino (University of Catania) · Daniele Dalli (University of Pisa) · Donatella Depperu (Catholic University of Milan) Renato Fiocca (Catholic University of Milan) · Marco Frey (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies) · Gino Gandolfi (University of Parma) · Marco Giarratana (IE Business School) · Andrea Lanza (University of Cosenza) · Andrea Lipparini (University of Bologna) · Alessandro Lomi (ETH Zürich) · Paolo Magri (ISPI) · Alberto Mattiacci (University of Rome “La Sapienza”) · Chiara Mauri (University of Valle d’Aosta) · Giovanna Michelon (University of Exeter) · Daniela Montemerlo (University
of Insubria) · Stefano Paleari (University of Bergamo) · Cinzia Parolini (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) Alberto Pastore (University of Rome “La Sapienza”) Giovanni Petrella (Catholic University of Milan) Andrea Pontiggia (“Ca’ Foscari” University Venice) Andrea Prencipe (LUISS) · Davide Ravasi (Cass Business School) · Luca Zanderighi (University of Milan) · Enrico Zaninotto (University of Trent) · Alessandro Zattoni (LUISS)


Orsola Matrisciano

Managing Editor

Leo Goretti


Unless otherwise stated, all the translations from Italian to English are performed by Language Solutions for Business Ltd.

Cover and Original Illustrations

Alberto Ruggieri

Graphic Design

Studio Wise


Stefania Gerosa

Scientific Staff

Zenia Simonella

Editorial Staff

Sabrina Libanore