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2019-10-09 Severino Meregalli, Leonardo Maria De Rossi, Lorenzo Diaferia

How to Exploit Data in the Post-Digital Era?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently estimated that by the end of 2020, the amount of stored data will reach the volume of 44 zettabytes, which means a quantity of bytes forty times greater than the number of stars in the universe. In the world of big data and digitalization, imaginative references such as that of the WEF on the trend in data growth have now become the norm. Research centers, vendors, and the publishing world compete in using analogies and exponential metrics to present the issue of data explosion. Since we now recognize the fact that we are facing an unstoppable trend of ...

2019-09-25 Leonella Gori

The CFO: A Technical Figure, or not?

In the preparation of this article, thanks are due to Dott. Francesco Masironi for his patient work collecting information during the initial phases of the research. In response to the question “What counts more, perception or facts?” the marketing world has a rather precise and clear answer, that aims in a single direction, with almost no ambiguity: while facts are important, the ability to make them perceptible in a "correct" and convenient manner is probably even more important. An example? Some years ago, one of the most famous violinists in the world repeated a superb musical execution ...

2019-09-25 Roberto Ruozi

Watch Out for Libra

Since Facebook announced that in 2020 it will launch a new currency to transmit monetary values globally, there have been many comments with decisive positive or negative conclusions. The Libra phenomenon – the name of the new currency – has in fact sparked great interest, but the judgments expressed to this point cannot be considered definitive, since many of its aspects are not certain yet, including because many of the technical, financial, and technological problems are still being addressed, and because we don’t know what position the oversight authorities will take. In truth, the authorities ...

2019-06-11 Roberto Ruozi

Cryptocurrencies: The Role of the Bank of Italy and the Consob

In recent times, our monetary and financial authorities have finally decided to intervene in the dark world of cryptocurrencies and especially of cryptoactivities. Given the confusion and lack of knowledge on the subject, we should first state that the former are virtual currencies, the most widespread of which is Bitcoin, issued without any underlying value, not minted or produced physically, but traded electronically. Cryptoactivities, on the other hand, are generally linked to the funding of enterprises and projects, do not have any monetary function, and are expressed in cryptocurrencies, ...