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2024-04-16 Sandro Castaldo

A Journal with an Impact

One of the priority issues facing the different management disciplines today is the critical question of research impact. We are confronted with the question of how to translate the immense potential of knowledge produced by the scientific community into management practices that are useful for transforming organizations and their processes to create value and generate welfare for society.   In management studies, it is not difficult to find works that question the relevance and real impact of research. It is also not uncommon to find evidence from the world of management that the academy is ...

Un momento del Festival del Management 2024
2024-03-26 Roberto Vona

Festival of Management: an Impact that Continues

And so the second edition of the Festival of Management has also come to an end. The enthusiasm was palpable as we reunited in Milan on March 7 and 8, hosted by Bocconi University. Witnessing the sincere interest and trust in an initiative that transformed from a visionary idea in October 2021 into a concrete project and now a well-established reality, thanks to the SIMA academic community's support, was truly inspiring. This success was not guaranteed; it was made possible by our partners and all those who supported and shared our vision and values unconditionally. The Festival's attendance of ...

Festival del management per sito EM Plus
2024-02-21 Roberto Vona

Inspiration and Innovation at the Festival of Management

Last February, the first edition of the Festival of Management by SIMA (the Scientific Society representing Italian Academics of Management) marked the beginning of an innovative path, for Italian universities, of enhancing managerial culture, aimed at supporting the civil, social and economic progress of the country. Important issues such as the fight against mafias in the economy, the energy transition and the organisation of services for the protection of public health can be successfully governed if the necessary organisational skills are available. The interest shown by the extended community ...

2024-01-24 Roberto Vona

Management Returns to the Centre of Communities

The forthcoming Sima’s (the Italian Society of Management Scholars) Festival of Management is approaching. It is still growing and evolving thanks to positive feedback received after the first edition. We are coming back to Milan and to Bocconi University on 7th and 8th of March 2024, thanks to precious support of our colleagues and to the great effort of the Sima’s Past President, Sandro Castaldo, who believed in this project from the very first moment. We have been working for a long time to the several financial and organizational elements as well as to the “editorial” and communication ...

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2023-12-19 Cecilia Attanasio Ghezzi

Children, Not Work: China Takes a Step Back on Gender Equality

Every five years, the People's Republic holds a feminist congress in the Great Hall of the People on Tiananmen Square. Like every official event, it is a sort of parade whose contents are largely predetermined and rarely attracts public attention. It is more of a symbolic tribute to the importance the party places on women, at least on paper. This year, however, due to the economic slowdown and the government's push to encourage births, things have been different. Ding Xuexiang, the member of the standing committee of the political office responsible for the opening speech, for the first time ...

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2023-12-19 Fabrizio Perretti

The Nature of Change

Coping with change is a constant condition for companies. Not only because the world around us changes incessantly and companies have to decide how to deal with new external conditions. But also because we ourselves are the ones who change and the inevitable life cycle of people is enough to change businesses internally. New people enter the company, other people leave it, and the people who remain, simply because they are ageing, also change over time. It is this incessant rhythm that determines the changes in our company: the constant turnover of new people and thus of new experiences, new ideas, ...

2023-12-18 Andrea Beltratti, Alessia Bezzecchi

Business Innovation and Finance for Sustainability

On October 13, the 2023 edition of the EMF C-Suite Forum of the Executive Master in Finance at SDA Bocconi was held. The "Chiefs" of the participating companies offered interesting and original perspectives on the impact of elements such as innovation in business and finance on sustainability. In this analysis, we argue that technological innovation must be accompanied by changes in the business models of companies and society itself in order to increase circularity. Furthermore, we believe that there is a need to revisit the debate and discuss "sustainable sustainability" from an economic perspective, ...

2023-12-14 Gianmarco Ottaviano

Ecological Transition, Carbon Taxation, and the Competitiveness of Businesses: the European Gamble

Climate change is a global problem that requires global solutions. One significant cause of the phenomenon is greenhouse gas emissions associated with high-carbon-intensity production. Left to their own devices, businesses generally do not consider the negative impact of their emissions on the climate when making production decisions. Hence the idea of using a tax on greenhouse gas emissions (also known as a "carbon tax"), which imposes a "fair price" on such emissions for companies, forcing them to internalize the damage caused to the climate by high-carbon-intensity production. Unfortunately, ...

2023-11-30 Donato Masciandaro

The "Militarization" of Finance between Economics and Politics

Between February 26 and 28 of last year in Brussels, the G7 countries and the European Commission jointly introduced financial sanctions against Russia. Geopolitics suddenly and traumatically entered the realm of monetary and financial policy. What assessment can we make more than a year and a half after that decision, considering the statements by President Putin and state oligarchs aimed at denying that the sanctions have had any effect? The analysis of the facts shows us that at the very least, there are roosters crowing when it is still dark. The starting point is to frame those choices, which ...

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2023-11-30 Cecilia Attanasio Ghezzi

US and China: signs of dialogue. Yet the Deep Chill Remains

On November 15, Xi Jinping and Joe Biden finally met in San Francisco. The chosen setting was the villa that served as the set for "Dynasty," and the occasion was the APEC summit, an organization that brings together many countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. The last time the two presidents spoke was in November of last year, on the sidelines of the G20 in Bali, while the last time Xi Jinping was in the United States dates back to 2017 when he was received by then-President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Given the upcoming American presidential elections, Joe Biden could become the first US president ...