2019-11-06 Carlo Secchi

Development and Wellbeing: A Question of Works

The economic development and fortunes of States over the centuries have been sustained and often conditioned by the construction of infrastructure. This has allowed many backwards and economically depressed regions to reach excellent levels of prosperity. In addition, the system of infrastructure has had, and still has, an evident geopolitical impact. In that regard, the Treaty of Rome of 1957 expressly provided for a common transport policy in order to develop a single European market, identified as one of the pillars to launch the path towards continental unity. Stressing the importance of having ...

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Fabrizio Perretti

Goodbye Workers?

This Dossier is dedicated to work, and more specifically to workers in businesses and organizations in a broad sense. "Workers" is an almost outdated term that, similar to what happened with "laborers," is now disappearing from the managerial vocabulary. In its place people speak of "human resources" and "human capital," and no longer of "employees" but "associates." Yet we are not faced with a simple linguistic change, but rather an epistemological break that reflects a profound transformation that has occurred in businesses and in the processes that govern the selection and access of workers ...