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HIT Radar: Application Focus - Finance

Cryptocurrency A cryptocurrency is a digital token whose creation is regulated by the blockchain technology, which also ensures the legitimacy of transactions conducted using that digital asset. Despite the humongous hype around cryptocurrencies, the real value of this technology is still unclear – due to the lack of mainstream services and real business cases. Cryptocurrencies are the first technology able to create valuable scarcity in the digital world; therefore, they have the potential to make a significant impact at an enterprise level. A CxO must be prepared to enhance this application ...

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Gianluca Salviotti, Leonardo De Rossi

HIT Radar: Application Focus – Information Technology

Blockchain-based Smart Contract A blockchain-based smart contract is a computer program code that is capable of facilitating, executing, and enforcing the negotiation or performance of an agreement (i.e. contract) using blockchain technology. Being able to set-up a software solution, which provides an exchange of value in a secure, transparent and automatic way can sound as a tremendous opportunity for everyone. However, current blockchain platforms are not (yet) ready to support the data tsunami smart-contracts can generate. Smart contracts are an interesting tool with a true potential you should ...