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Articolo rivista - E&M - 2017/5/6

Molteni Luca

More Characters, Better Twitter?

Il 2016 ha rappresentato l’ottavo anno di effettiva operativitŕ per Twitter, uno snodo spesso cruciale nella vita delle Internet companies. Nel corso dell’anno, il valore azionario dell’azienda ha toccato il minimo storico, sollevando numerosi interrogativi sul futuro di medio-lungo periodo della piattaforma social. Per far fronte alla dinamica sfavorevole, il CEO Jack Dorsey ha ...
In 2010 Canon introduced to the public its Wonder Camera concept, a futuristic reflex camera that is currently under development at Canon’s lab, and that is forecasted to be launched on the market in 2030. The concept camera has been presented as implementing many breakthrough innovations. For instance, it features a single integrated lens with unprecedented focal length whereas current reflex cameras ...

Articolo rivista - E&M - 2012/04

Vlasic Goran

Market driving strategies

Ever since market orientation was conceptualized and provided managers with a framework for managing sustainable competitive advantage (Kumar, Jones, Vankatesan, Leone 2011), firms have increasingly been recognizing customers as kings, focusing on satisfying their needs, and asserted customer centricity as their key value. This narrow understanding of the marketing concept led firms to struggle in ...

Articolo rivista - E&M - 2012/04

Miniero Giulia

Fantastical thinking, transportation and persuasion in advertising

Nowadays using advertising narratives is becoming a priority for companies that want to capture customers’ attention (Hogan 2003). Narrative advertising (i.e. story-like format advertisements which contain rich details thematically and temporally related (Adaval, Wyer 1998; Wells 1989) are able to engage individuals (Hirschman 2010). This is the case of the new Dior campaign (2011) crafted ...